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1). Deli: Sliced meats and cheeses

2.) Bakery: Breads, cookies, pies, doughnuts, tortillias, eng. muffins baguetts

3.) Dairy: Fresh juices, butter, biscuts,yogurt, eggs, milk, cheese, sour cream,

4.) Snacks, dips, chips, popcorn, jerkey and nuts.

5.) Soft drinks, bottled waters, sports drinks, candy

6.) Laundry and cleaning supply

7.) Paper goods: T.P.,paper towels, kleenex, plates and cups, pet supply

8.) Medical: pain relievers, cold remedies, banaids, energy bars

9.) Toiletries: shampoos, sun screens, cosmetics, baby supply.

10.) Crackers and cookies

11.) Frozen: ice cream, juices, veggies, pizzas, meals/dinners, waffles, desserts and snacks

12.) Coffee, tea, filters, coco's, peanut butters, jellys and jams, syrups

13.) Cereals, granola bars, fruit snacks, bottled juices and drink mixes puddings/jello

14.) Baking Supply, tin foil, plastic wrap, seasonings/spices

15.) Condiments: Ketchup mustard mayo pickles salad dressings

16.) Canned goods: Veggies, soups, tuna

17.) Pasta and sauces, salsa, mac-& cheese, natural foods

18.) Meat and Seafood: Fresh and packaged, hot dogs. bacon, pepperoni and sausages

19.) Fresh produce: bagged salads, organic produce , rasins and dried fruits

20.) Floral

21.) Wine, Beer and Spirits

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