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Ordering Notes - Please Read Before Ordering

  • This service is offered for free IF you CANNOT afford it. If you CAN afford the $25 delivery fee please indicate in the Special Notes field below.
  • Donations to help cover costs are Greatly Appreciated and will help us serve those at risk and in need! Please indicate in the Special Notes field below.
  • If you wish to Volunteer please contact Tami Eggers at She is coordinating all the wonderful folks helping out!
  • Please avoid multiple emails, texts and/or calls as we are juggling a huge volume on many media fronts at this time.
  • It is imperative that you include a clear and accurate delivery address under and where are you staying on the form.
  • We are time trying to deliver 2 days a week Tuesdays and Saturdays in order to limit our crews exposure.
  • We are all taking extreme precautions in shopping and delivery with masks and gloves to isolated from the public areas and carts. Everything is sanitized and kept seperate. We suggest that upon delivery you also wipe down items and wash all produce thoroughly.
  • We are doing our very best to get you the item you request on your order but we are at the MERCY of the supply chain and many items either just do not exist at this time like lysol and rubbing alcohol, bleach, gloves masks etc...ALSO we will substitute with a like product if necessary and available as well as sizes and quantities may vary. WE are doing the very best we can with what is available at the time.
  • We use Safeway for grocery and Ski Haus for wine beer and spirits. To reduce risk we are not shopping multiple stores.

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Product Information

1). Deli: Sliced meats and cheeses

2.) Bakery: Breads, cookies, pies, doughnuts, tortillias, eng. muffins baguetts

3.) Dairy: Fresh juices, butter, biscuts,yogurt, eggs, milk, cheese, sour cream,

4.) Snacks, dips, chips, popcorn, jerkey and nuts.

5.) Soft drinks, bottled waters, sports drinks, candy

6.) Laundry and cleaning supply

7.) Paper goods: T.P.,paper towels, kleenex, plates and cups, pet supply

8.) Medical: pain relievers, cold remedies, banaids, energy bars

9.) Toiletries: shampoos, sun screens, cosmetics, baby supply.

10.) Crackers and cookies

11.) Frozen: ice cream, juices, veggies, pizzas, meals/dinners, waffles, desserts and snacks

12.) Coffee, tea, filters, coco's, peanut butters, jellys and jams, syrups

13.) Cereals, granola bars, fruit snacks, bottled juices and drink mixes puddings/jello

14.) Baking Supply, tin foil, plastic wrap, seasonings/spices

15.) Condiments: Ketchup mustard mayo pickles salad dressings

16.) Canned goods: Veggies, soups, tuna

17.) Pasta and sauces, salsa, mac-& cheese, natural foods

18.) Meat and Seafood: Fresh and packaged, hot dogs. bacon, pepperoni and sausages

19.) Fresh produce: bagged salads, organic produce , rasins and dried fruits

20.) Floral

21.) Wine, Beer and Spirits

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